Friday, July 08, 2005

Using Terrorism to Pitch for Aid to Africa

Here is the best our Steve Ford and friends can do after the horrific bombings in London: The nation ought to join Prime Minister Tony Blair in his efforts to end the sort of mass deprivation and suffering, as in Palestine and Africa, that feeds terrorism.

Note to Steve: We do not know who the London bombers were yet, but if they resembled the 9/11 terrorists they were neither from Palestine nor Africa. Most of them were not from poor families who faced deprivation.

Those who planned the 9/11 attacks were and are Islamofascists who are primarily concerned with destroying as much of western society (or that portion of the west that does not seek appeasement) as they can. They mention Palestine as an afterthought, and to my knowledge they have never been too concerned with Africa except to blow up civilians in embassies and plan terrorist attacks.

But do you know what does "feed terrorism" Steve? Terrorists benefit more from the excuses offered up by western journalists than they ever will from milking the "deprivation and suffering" angle to justify their barbarity. So stop feeding the beast and start condemning their actions completely and relentlessly with no qualifiers.