Sunday, August 28, 2005

Headline Bias

The headline writers at the N&O just can't resist attacking conservatives at every opportunity.

Today's front page had this gem, "Bush aims to placate both sides on immigration." First, given the complexity of the issue and the fact that the Clintonites did not have the courage to confront the problem, why not this headline, "Bush boldly confronts explosive political issue."

Second, the article itself defined "both sides" as Bush's supporters in the business sector and conservatives who want to restrict immigration. But why aren't the Democrats mentioned? Does the writer really think the Democrats are so unimportant that their ideas in this area don't matter? Or is it just that the Dems have utterly failed, again, to provide an alternative plan and instead have chosen to snipe from the sidelines? I think so, but for the N&O to carry a story that does not mention the lack of Dem plan marks continued poor reporting.

The other headline of note on the front page was "Constitution rift could unravel Bush's Iraq plan." Well, yes it could. But the headline could just as well have read, "Disputes in Iraq over Constitution mark birth of freedom." Under Saddam there were no disputes, so these discussions between formerly warring groups are amazing and the paper should note it.