Monday, August 15, 2005


Do you remember when the MSM was touting Clinton for a Nobel Prize (Arafat and Carter have one, so maybe the Nobel is not such a great thing to own anyway) for his efforts to bring peace to the Middle East? Even though his efforts were an abject failure, they wanted to give him one for the try.

Now, with Bush and (gasp!) Sharon in power, Israel is pulling out of Gaza and some of the West Bank and suicide bombings in Israel have slowed to a trickle. So where are the Nobel notices now? Instead of trumpeting the amazing turn of events, the MSM is spinning the story as negatively as possible: the pullout will be difficult, some settlers do not want to go, even after the pullout Hamas vows to continue violence, etc.

The N&O today had only a throwaway line in the middle of an article today suggesting that U.S. efforts (not Bush administration efforts) may have played a roll in the tremendous progress. These folks have no shame.