Friday, September 16, 2005

If You Thought the 9/11 Rebuilding Was Bad...

The bad ideas for rebuilding after Katrina are already starting to pile up. The biggest conflict will clearly come with the same local and state officials who misspent our taxpayer money in the past, and then failed so miserably to do their jobs during the hurricane, now demand our money with no federal oversight.

The brilliant Mayor Nagin plans to appoint a "blue-ribbon" commission whose members will be picked by race (he wants 8 whites and 8 African-Americans) rather than on merit. I'm pretty happy about my money going to that group.

Let's send some more money to the Orleans Levee District. Six of the eight members of the board are appointed by the cryin' Guv Kathleen Blanco. This board also operates a money-losing airport, two marinas and a lease on a casino. The WSJ reports that 3 months before Katrina, the board gathered to celebrate the dedication of a Mardi Gras Fountain, featuring electronically timed spurts and multicolored lights. Total cost $2 million, and part of the cost was paid with tax money collected for levee maintenance. Yeah, let's write these guys a check.