Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day Themes

Interesting how the MSM depicts the main issues on election day. At the national level, if Dems win the gubernatorial seats in NJ and VA (seats they already hold), the focus will be on the Republican losses and what it means for the Bush presidency and the war in Iraq etc. etc.

But if the Dems lose these states (2 pickups for the Republicans), the focus will be on the dirty campaigns (with implications that Republicans play dirtier). The MSM will completely avoid the conclusion, should the Dems lose both, that the Democratic party has nothing to offer in terms of fresh ideas and that this withering at the top damages state candidates as well.

In local elections here in Wake County, the most important races are at the school board level. Two runoffs feature candidates who support the education establishment and the idea that school bureaucrats know what is best for our kids vs. candidates who desire more choice for parents and less meddling by the school board.

The pro-establishment candidates, and the N&O, have started to use the segregation word to try to label their opponents. But segregation is defined as enforced racial separation. The candidates supporting parental and student choice in schooling are not doing so to segregate schools, they are doing so to improve schools through greater competition. Most parents are primarily concerned with the quality of school their child attends, not the racial makeup, but the pro-establishment/anti-choice candidates take the exact opposite view. Should be interesting.