Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Looking out for the troops

While the MSM focuses on the negative aspects of U.S. involvement overseas, and while liberals look to the government to solve all problems, an overwhelming number of Americans have decided to support our troops through private efforts. Some send cards or care packages and others have formed foundations to help out.

A small group of us who served together in Germany in the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment recently formed just such a foundation and last week we made our first distribution. The foundation is called the E. E. Mixon Second Dragoons Foundation (MSG Mixon was an outstanding and influential NCO when we were all young LTs, and he has now passed away).

Our first act was to pay for the travel costs for 9 members of the family of CPL Jeffrey Williams to attend the memorial service for him at Ft. Carson. The military pays for the service but not for family travel, and in this case the family was spread throughout the country. CPL Williams had served the 3rd ACR and died from an IED attack during the recent battle for Tal Afar.

By all accounts the memorial service was a moving event and the family was deeply grateful for the outpouring of support from our foundation and others. We hope to ramp up the foundation operations and expand our website to include on-line payment options, but for now if you would like to contribute you can mail a check to the E.E. Mixon Second Dragoons Foundation at 3405 Spartina Ct., Raleigh, NC, 27606. If you would like to donate appreciated stock you can e-mail me using the link at the right. We would also like to thank the Mudville Gazette for letting us use their open post to publicize the foundation.