Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Guns and Money

I live a few miles from where Wake County Sheriff's Investigator Mark Tucker was murdered and drove by the scene not long after his body was discovered, so I have followed the case pretty closely and admired the quick work Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison and his team did in quickly tracking down the killer.

But reading the latest from Confederate Yankee leaves a bitter taste about the aftermath. The Brady Center, as a liberal group, believes that laws don't matter, but lawsuits do. It's not what you can prove, but what you can settle for that is important to these people (and Eliot Spitzer may become Gov. of NY on that principle). But now the Brady Center has now been caught in two fabrications surrounding the murder of Mark Tucker, and they are doing neither their Center nor the men who enforce our laws any favors with these errors/lies.

Michelle Malkin has some good coverage of another gun issue, this one surrounding the San Fran ban on handguns.