Friday, December 02, 2005

Disunity Bolsters Iraqi Rebels

Yep - that is the headline the N&O runs on page 1 today (from a NYT story). We have already criticized the MSM for not calling those who seek chaos in Iraq terrorists (or in some cases militants or insurgents) rather than rebels. But the issue with the headline is the unproven statement.

Counterterrorist/counterinsurgency experts could argue for a long time over whether it is easier to defeat a unified insurgency (the Mao model) or one marked by many small groups who are not unified. But my guess is that if these terrorist/insurgent groups in Iraq were unified, the NYT would run, and the N&O would publish, a headline reading Unity Bolsters Iraqi Rebels.

The goal of the NYT is not to reveal truth, but rather to take the angle that most damages the administration. I can see the headline now after Iraqis flood to the polls on Dec. 15: Confusion Reigns at Iraqi Polling Stations - and the MSM will depict this as a bad thing.