Monday, June 13, 2005

Another Bad Headline

Front page headline in the N&O: Iraqi forces shaky in combat. Now that is some groundbreaking information.

In 1991 it took us 100 hours to decimate the Iraqi armed forces. In 2003 it took just over a month to take them out and also occupy the country. So given the history of the Iraqi military ethic and fighting prowess, wouldn't you expect the Iraqi forces to be "shaky" in combat. All the training in the world will not solve that problem soon.

That said (and the article mentions this briefly), we are finding that if we can select the soldiers and train them with our special ops guys, we can form excellent and disciplined units that have already had an impact in many places.

So instead of finding a few disgruntled U.S. soldiers for quotes, why not do some reporting (in this case the article is from the famously "non-partisan" NY Times) and explain what great things the special ops guys are doing?