Monday, July 11, 2005

HVT Hit?

Winds of Change brings up an issue I have been thinking about since we lost the SEALs in Afghanistan (and also provides some good info on events in Iraq and Afghanistan that the MSM is failing to cover). They wonder whether the SEALs were close to a High Value Target (HVT).

A few items make me think this team was close to something important. First, they clearly ran into a large and well-trained terrorist force in Kunar province. If it had been a small group the SEALs would have taken them out. If the group had been large but not well-trained the SEALs could have evaded (though one did).

Now there are not many large and well-trained groups up there, but those providing security for the high-level AQ or Taliban terrorists certainly qualify.

Also, we have been flying around that area for over 3 years now and have had very few special ops helicopters go down due to enemy fire. So the shot that took down the rescue bird may indeed have been lucky, but it also may have been delivered by a guy with some experience shooting at helicopters.

Finally, we went in quickly and took out a target from the air. That target was in the same vicinity as where the SEALs were operating. So ... who did we get?

Editing this post after I saw this article via Malkin.