Saturday, December 03, 2005

Aggressive Information Operations

We have long struggled with how to get our message across to the populations of countries, especially in the Middle East, who will certainly benefit from our liberation of their countries. The biggest 2 obstacles to our efforts have been the state-controlled presses of the Middle East (including the pseudo-controlled elements like Al Jazeera) and the Blame-America-First elements of the western MSM, including the major MSM organs like the NYT, LA Times, CNN and 3 networks.

So I am cheered to know that we are starting to conduct aggressive information operations by paying for positive editorials in Middle East papers. It is particularly nice to know that the stories we are pushing are truthful in content though obviously depicting the positive elements of our role in Iraq. The MSM is up in arms about the program because they despise anyone (including the blogs) who speeds the precipitous decline their importance as a filter.

The latest MSM fluster is reported here by Mudville Gazette. Our government is screening speakers before we send them, with taxpayer dollars, overseas to speak on behalf of the U.S. government. Not surprisingly, we want to ensure they are conveying a positive message of the U.S. While the MSM expresses dismay, most of us simply ask, why weren't we doing this all along?