Saturday, December 03, 2005

More Than a Blip

Rasmussen remains a good first stop to get a real sense of polling trends (because they poll daily vs. the MSM infrequent polls) and the trend looks good. President Bush, after being mired in the low 40s during the Miers debacle, has moved back above 45%. I think this is proof positive that he has won some of his base back - and by base I mean people like me who want to see an aggressive administration out there taking on the Reids and Pelosis and Kennedys and Kerrys directly.

An even bigger swing is in the percentage of people who think we are winning the war on terror - now 48% vs. 39% a month ago. Again, I think this is partly a result of the administration getting the word out. Even though the MSM will filter the message, there are enough other outlets - blogs, talk radio, Fox - who will not dilute the truth and will help push these numbers higher as long as the administration gives us something to work with.

Prediction - Iraq continues to improve, strong turnout (including Sunni) on
Dec. 15 kicks into place the military plan for phased U.S. withdrawals, the economy continues to purr and the MSM becomes less able to paint a negative picture, Dems fracture over Alito as he looks great in confirmation hearings, and hopefully the Bush administration presses the accelerator down during the good times to push for reform in the areas that the Dems do not have the courage to tread but that are needed for our national well-being - tax reform and simplification, social security reform, tort reform, reduced govt. regulation, reduced govt. spending, immigration reform and increased school choice.