Saturday, December 03, 2005

Wine Into Vinegar

I read the passage below from the N&O today, and I had become so used to the lousy reporting and biased presentation and mindless parroting of the MSM-attack-Bush-theme-of-the-day that I just moved along. But Mike Williams got me fired up again about this:

Eager to rescue approval ratings dragged low by the Iraq war, President Bush embraced an upbeat employment report Friday and pronounced the future of the U.S. economy "as bright as it's been in a long time."

A buoyant president strode into the White House Rose Garden where snow flurries swirled to welcome a new Labor Department report showing U.S. jobs rebounding from a beating delivered by the Gulf Coast hurricanes. Nonfarm payrolls grew by 215,000 in November, the strongest increase since July, according to the report.

"This economy is in good shape," Bush said with a smile.

Bush did not mention the deaths in Iraq of 10 Marines who were killed Thursday by a roadside bomb near Fallujah. White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Bush had been briefed twice about the incident, the deadliest in Iraq in nearly four months, before he spoke to the press. In all, more than 2,100 members of the U.S. military have died since the war began in March 2003.

Now if you can't see the shameful bias in that "reporting" then move along, but if you arae dismayed you can contact News Editor Melanie Sill at and Public Editor Personally I think you are wasting your time in contacting them, and I guarantee you will get a mealy-mouthed response, but I may be wrong and your efforts may help rescue the paper.