Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Support the Troops

Michelle Malkin offers some options to support the troops over the holidays. I can assure you that even the smallest show of support means a lot to any serviceman. They are bombarded with the negative news from the MSM and then they see comments from Dean saying that we can't win, and even those who know better start to have some doubts as to how their countrymen view them. So make sure they know that Howard Dean does not speak for you.

Besides Malkin's links, you can also check our new foundation here. A group of officers who served in the 2nd ACR in Germany in the late 1980s formed the E.E. Mixon Second Dragoons Foundation to provide support for the families of fallen cavalrymen. We just sent checks to 5 families of KIAs from the 3rd ACR in order to help cover their travel costs to the recent memorial services at Ft. Carson. We run the fund ourselves, take no pay and have very low expenses, so consider donating through the site or contacting me via e-mail.